Friday, September 29, 2006

Ancient Jewish Temple Treasures Found In The West Bank!

Coin From Second Temple

Is this BIG news or what??? More historical evidence and proof that the Jews lived in the Holy Land of Israel before the Arabs!! For those of us who take the Lord at His Word, this makes our faith grow stronger and stronger! I hope Dr. Kingsley gets these precious treasures out of the area before the make believe "palistinians" destroy the evidence as they have with much of the other Biblical treasures found in Israel.


Where are the treasures of the Temple? A British archeologist is arguing that despite the claims that the treasures of the Temple are in the vaults of the Vatican, they are actually located in their original place – the Holy Land.

The London Times reported that Dr. Sean Kingsley, an expert on the archeology of the Holy Land, claims that he found a series of treasures, including silver trumpets, golden candlesticks, and other jewelry, which were a part of the a cargo shipment that was headed for Rome after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. According to him, his study is based on historical writings of Josephus from the first century CE and on other historical writings from that era. See link to this article for more!

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Treasures looted by Rome 'are back in the Holy Land'

The trumpets, gold candelabra and the bejewelled Table of the Divine Presence were among pieces shipped to Rome after the looting in AD70 of the Temple, the most sacred building in the ancient Jewish faith.
After a decade of research into previously untapped ancient texts and archaeological sources, Dr Kingsley has reconstructed the treasure’s route for the first time in 2,000 years to provide evidence that it left Rome in the 5th century.

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  1. v. n.y.1:48 AM

    well, finally a discovery that points to the fact that the west bank was never "palestinian", but jewish territory from biblical times before islam and belongs to israel! thanks dr. kingsley!

    v. n.y. , n.y. usa (09.26.06)