Thursday, September 28, 2006

Israel...The Calm Before The Storm

Here is a very eye-opening news story that you haven't heard on the MSM from a Messianic Jewish friend of mine in Israel, who sees and knows and keeps tract of what is happening every day in the Jewish State. This is all taking place under the watch eye of the UN forces!!

The calm before the storm is what we are experiencing at this time here in Israel. The UN resolution 1701 that Israeli mistakenly signed after losing its first war with Olmert at the helm has already proven to be a terrible mistake. The Multi-National Forces are handicapped and have to stand aside while watching truck loads of missiles and other weapons being shipped from Syria and Iran into the hands of Hezbollah. These forces are not allowed to stop the shipments unless they have the permission of the Lebanon Government and they are now basically controlled by Hezbollah. What we are seeing now is the UN and Multinational Forces are knowingly protecting Hezbollah from Israel and not stopping them from rearming for the next war. Many of those in the know now believe that Bashar Assad is now convinced that it is time for him to join forces with Hezbollah in the next war against Israel.

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