Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Australia’s Vegetables Crops Deliberately Poisoned With Herbicide

These are perilous times for sure. Not only do we have an out of control gushing oil well with cracks from the ocean floor surrounding it in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe that no one seems to know how to fix, someone has sabotaged much of Australia’s vegetable crops that supply up to 80% of Australia’s fruits and vegetables for the winter by deliberately poisoning them with herbicide.

  • About 7 million plants, including 4 million tomato and 2 million capsicum seedlings, were poisoned when vandals allegedly put herbicide into the water supply at a north Queensland nursery last month.
  • Melon, eggplant, cucumber and pumpkin crops were also affected and police are investigating. The Bowen region, about 200 kilometres south of Townsville, produces about 80 per cent of Australia's fruit and vegetables during winter. Story here
I hardly think this can be called vandalism. Around here it would be called environmental terrorism, much of what you see going on in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe with the highly toxic chemicals BP has been using to spray over the oil soaked Gulf that has been making people in the area very ill, and highly linked to be the culprit that is killing off the crops in the area.

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