Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Breakthrough To Jerusalem-(Video)The Reunification Of The Eternal Capital Of Israel

There is only one God, so if you are antisemitic, or a Jew hater, then you are against the God of Israel. This means that you follow another god, or the god of this world, which is satan. The God of Israel has chosen Jerusalem, Israel for His dwelling place upon the earth. Psalm 132: 13-14. We as Bible believing Christians share with Israelis in the hope for Jerusalem where our Messiah Jesus will reign eternally.

In the video "The Breakthrough To Jerusalem" below, where in June 7, 1967, Israel took back the Old City of Jerusalem, you will see actual footage of this historic and prophetic event.

“The Temple Mount is in our Hands” – Yom Yerushalayim Day, the 45th Commemoration of the Reunification of Jerusalem

The Temple Mount Is In Our Hands

This evening in Israel begins the commemoration of Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, the 28th of Iyar in the Hebrew Calendar. The occasion marks the 45th anniversary of the reunification of the ancient and eternal capital of the Jewish State of Israel. Nineteen years after Jordanian Legionnaires routed valiant defending forces, destroyed Jewish landmarks and expelled Jewish residents of the Old City; IDF forces retook the eastern half of Israel’s capitol on June 7th, 1967, after fierce fighting. Read more at link above.

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  1. Shalom Toni,

    I hope all is well. Have you seen this? If not, I think you'll find this interesting.

    shalom In Yahshua

  2. Shalom, Yuri

    Good to hear from you. Thank yu for the video. No, I had not seen it, but I am aware that Israel has discovered a massive amount of gas and oil reserves, which will probably be a catalyst, or the catalyst that starts the big war. See

    May 29, 2012

  3. Thanks for the link.

    Shalom In Yahshua