Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rick Warren Says Partial Birth Abortion Supporter Obama

Has what it takes to be President... Here's the transcript from CNN with Blitzer!!

BLITZER: What did you think of Barack Obama?
WARREN: He's an amazing man. I think...
BLITZER: Do you think he's got it? In other words, he's got that potential like so many other presidential prospects, to be the president of the United States?
WARREN: I think he does.
BLITZER: Because?
WARREN: I think he has good character. I think both Sam Brownback and Barack Obama -- the reason I invited them both, first, they'll tell you the truth. They're not just going to beat around the bush. They'll tell you what they believe. And I appreciate that.
Second, they're men of civility. And I'm so tired of the rudeness we've got in our society where people are just mean to each other. We need to return to civility, which says, I treat you with respect even if I violently disagree with you. That we've lost the "civil" in civilization.
BLITZER: Are the American people ready for an African-American president?
WARREN: Oh, I think so.