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Saudi Arabia 'Day Of Rage' March 11, 2011

A photo of a street in the Saudi town of Awwamiya where a rally was recently held to demand the release of political prisoners.

Protesters hold a banner with the faces of political prisoners during a protest in the Persian Gulf coast town of Awwamiya on March 3.

U P D A T E - March 11, 2011 
Saudi Arabia Police Flood Riyadh

Massive Saudi Arabia police deployment flooded Riyadh, putting a halt to the 'Day Of Rage' protests in Saudi Arabia. Police blocked roads and set up random checkpoints in Riyadh, searching residents and vehicles around a central mosque as large numbers of people gathered for Friday prayers. Witnesses said groups of policemen manned street corners and intersections and a helicopter flew over the city.

By midday, no protesters had showed up in the capital and the police presence significantly decreased..  Full Story. 


Although protests and public displays of dissent are forbidden in Saudi Arabia, a day of rage has been named by Saudi youth on Facebook scheduled for Friday, March 11, 2011.

The House of Saud, watching the domino effect that is taking place throughout north Africa and the Middle East that is toppling tyrants and dictators has become very nervous and in late February, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia decided to share a small fraction of the massive  oil profit fortune the royal family has stashed away with the people of Saudi Arabia, and suddenly promised a $36 billion-package of extra benefits for his people, upon his return from a long medical trip to the US.

 But, some would say that amounts to no less than a bribe, which is forbidden in God's Holy Word, The  Bible.  If anything, this pay off may buy the Saudis some time, but I don't see the problems facing the House of Saud going away. 
And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous. Exodus 23:8
Nevertheless,  that’s not enough or what some of  the people of Saudi Arabia really want.On Thursday, hundreds of protesters in the cities of al-Qatif and al-Awamiyya took to the streets and called for the release of Shia prisoners, who they say are being held unjustly, some as long as 16 years.
  • "We want the prisoners free but we also have other demands. We want equality," a protester in Qatif said. Saudi authorities arrested 22 people for taking part in the protest in Qatif
While the Saudi government is downplaying the protests, the Shi'ite website Rasid said the protesters  were verbally abused, as an official told them they were lucky the detainees had not been executed. Source.

To be fair and honest, even though peaceful protests are justified when the government refuses to treat its people fairly and righteously, one thing I have noticed is  that the protesters involved in  the Saudi Arabia masses involve Shia muslims, and Saudi Arabia is predominantly Sunni muslim.  So I wouldn't be at all surprised if Iran, the mother of all tyrants in the Middle East,  who is predominantly Shia muslim, is behind this present and upcoming  uprising in Saudi Arabia.

The BBC is reporting today that the government has freed a Shia clerk in an effort to diffuse anger before the scheduled Friday 'Day of Rage'.He was freed on Sunday after hundreds of Shias protested near the eastern city of Qatif;  The paper also reports that nine of the Shia political prisoners that have been held in detention for 14 years without a trial whose release is being demanded were interrogated, tortured and denied access to lawyers together with the opportunity to challenge the legality of their detention.
On Friday, a peaceful protest rally was also held in al-Hufuf district in the eastern province after the Friday prayers to condemn the Saudi government's detention of Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer who had called for a constitutional monarchy in the kingdom.  Read more.

Meanwhile, Israeli security expert Gal Luft says that “If something like we have seen in Egypt or Libya happens in Saudi Arabia, we’re talking about a catastrophic scenario that will bring a global economic meltdown.”

“The world needs to wake up to the fact that if a country like Saudi Arabia follows the same path we’ve seen in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, it would be a very, very dangerous situation for every economy in the world – the rich and poor alike,” said Luft. “The first thing that will happen is, the poor people of the world will starve; there will be no oil to distribute food in places like Africa. Then all the world markets will collapse.” Read about it here.
Revelation 6:5,6 is right around the corner and coming upon us like a freight train,  friends.  Secularists are telling us what we who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word  have known just by reading the Word of God, the Bible.   Now is not the time to be trusting in man.  The world economy will fall at some point in time.  Maybe sooner than later.    Trust in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ!  The just shall live be faith.  Maranatha!

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