Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan's Shinmoedake Volcano Erupts-Another 7.9 Earthquake Expected Within Days

Just two days after the massive 9.1 earthquake in Japan that triggered a Pacific tsunami,  the Shinmoedake Volcano, located in the south western part of Japan has erupted after two weeks of inactivity, sending ash and rock 4 kilometres into the air, creating a giant ash cloud against the blue sky of the south-west. The Shinmoedake volcano is 4,689-feet tall, and towers over many communities. It is feared that if the cause of the volcano eruption is the shifting tectonic plates, the volcano situation could worsen very quickly. Full Story. 

Meanwhile, Japan can expect another monster earthquake within days in the range of a 7.9 magnitude, large enough to trigger a tsunami, the head of the Australian Seismological Centre says.
''Normally they happen within days,'' he said. ''The rule of thumb is that you would expect the main aftershock to be one magnitude smaller than the main shock, so you would be expecting a 7.9.
''That's a monster again in its own right that is capable of producing a tsunami and more damage.'' Full Story.
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