Thursday, March 31, 2011

Israel Field Hospital Opens In Northern Japan

This should be front page news all over the world.. .........

"Israel Field Hospital Opens In Northern Japan"

Doing the work of the United Nations, little Israel, the Jewish nation the United Nations and the nations around the world love to hate and  are constantly condemning-- the only country living at peace with each other and not killing each other in the Middle East,  while its surrounding Middle East arab neighbors are fighting with each other and killing each other, from Egypt, to Syria, to Iran to Jordan to Yemen to Bahrain to Saudi Arabia to Libya to UAE, has opened a field hospital in northern Japan.

The Israeli army on Tuesday officially opened the doors of its field hospital in the devastated northern regions of Japan.

The Israeli flag is raised over the field hospital.

The clinic is situated just outside Minamisanriku, a village that was all but destroyed by the tsunami that followed the massive March 11 earthquake off Japan’s northeastern coast.

The facility includes surgical, pediatrics and maternity wards, an intensive care unit, a pharmacy and a laboratory. The buildings for the clinic were built by the Japanese government, and the 58-man IDF Medical Corps and Home Front Command team is being housed at a nearby hotel.

Officers prepare a ward in the new field hospital to receive patients.

The Israelis brought along their own medical equipment and supplies, as well as their own food and water so as to not further tax the already-limited local resources. Also on hand are several officials from Israel Atomic Energy Commission to make sure radiation levels in the area do not get too high.

On Monday, several of the Israeli officers spoke to Japanese reporters asking them to publicize the opening of the clinic so that victims in the area know where to find assistance and treatment.

An Israeli officer speakes to a Japanese reporter.

Israeli Ambassador to Japan Nissim Ben Shitreet thanked the Japanese authorities and volunteerts on the ground for not only accepting Israel’s help, but assisting the set-up of the clinic.

“The Japanese people in the affected area went above and beyond to help us,” said Sheetrit. “The assistance of the Japenese from the moment the aid delegation landed in Japan has been exemplary.”

Japan’s Ambassador to Israel, Haruhisa Takeuchi, in turn delivered a heart-felt thank you to the medical delegation:

“I thank you, the crew of medical personnel, from the bottom of my heart, for volunteering to help in the aftermath of this tragedy and for carrying out this difficult mission.”

The ambassador also thanked the entire nation of Israel for standing so strongly by his nation:
“In this difficult hour, we will remember the warm and merciful embrace, the goodwill and the solidarity of the people of Israel. …Your support is a source of hope and encouragment.”

Blessed [are] the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Matthew 5:7
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  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    There is a TV station in our area that broadcasts several Asian TV networks, from Korea, Tawain and Japan with some other language broadcasts at different schedules. Saturday night is the night for Japanese TV with English subtitles and after a half hour sitcom, then a one hour drama, comes a half hour Japanese religious show that is about people of the Jewish faith living in Japan. There is actually a strong Jewish faith in Japan and in some of the TV programs, they send members of the local faith on field trips to Israel to understand how to peacefully irrigate and farm the deserts and make fruits and vegetables bloom in the hot dry land. Everytime I see that show I am reminded of in the Bible where it talks of making the deserts bloom, because in Israel there are people doing that peacefully and currently - and Japan is also tied in with Israel through some of the faithful who live in Japan.

  2. Hello, Anonymous...

    Thank you for that information.

    Did you know that there are many in the IDF who are messianic or believers in Yeshua? That is awesome!