Thursday, March 24, 2011

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Myanmar (Burma) Near China-Thai Borders

UPDATE March 25, 2011: Death Toll More Than 70 People

The powerful 6.8 earthquake that struck Myanmar Thursday night has killed more that 70 people the latest reports indicate, with fears that the death toll will rise as as conditions in more remote areas became known.

A powerful earthquake struck Myanmar near the border of  China, Thailand and Laos Thursday night, shaking buildings as far away as Bangkok.

The quake struck along Myanmar's borders with Thailand and Laos, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) from Chiang Rai. The northern Thai city sustained a little damage, according to Thai television.

Witnesses said the tremors were felt in Bangkok, central Myanmar and as far away as the Vietnam capital of Hanoi where people were evacuated from tall buildings.
The 6.8 magnitude quake was just six miles (10 kilometers) deep, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.  At that strength and depth, the monitor said 600,000 people got shaking anywhere from strong to violent and that the buildings are considered vulnerable so moderate to heavy damange is expected in homes.

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  1. When the quake first showed up it was measured at 7.0 now it says 5.4 or something like that they love playing with numbers.

  2. Blessings, Ross:

    I also read 7.0 when I first saw the report. The latest number I have seen now is a 6.8. It was a pretty powerful one because it shook buildings almost 500 miles away. I also read that Burma was a military controlled country, so communications are controlled, so no telling what is true. I don't really trust the USGS, because I know of several earthquakes, large ones, that have ooccurred, that the USGS never reported. O, well.


  3. A 7.0 magnitude is a strong one, lucky that there wasn't a big number of casualties that were hurt. Still it's sad to know that there were people who died from this incident.

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  4. In all countries where earthquakes hits they should build their houses with the Japanese technology. Then only we can minimize death rate.