Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Mysterious Noise Coming From The Sky

I found this at Believer’s Journey. I could not believe what I was reading or hearing when I listened to the video. Certainly, we are seeing and hearing of strange happenings all over the world these days, but nothing like this.    A mysterious noise coming from the sky was reported by a sister in Christ March 19th . It didn’t sound like an airplane and she couldn’t see anything in the sky. The sky was just very dark. Nevertheless the “sound” was vibrating the ground, her home, and even causing the panes of glass in the windows tovibrate. In the area where she lived, the “sound” continued for about 20 minutes, thenstopped as suddenly as it had started. She described it as a low “rumbling” sound.

 Listen to the sound that another believer captured on video and sent to the person reporting this incident.

That was strange enough, but the next morning, the 20th the news media briefly commented on the same strange “sound” that the sister had told me about, saying that this “sound” had been heard in an area in the panhandle of Florida. Over 900 people had phoned the authorities reporting hearing the sound and
wanted to know what was going on. Some of them had heard the “sound” for up to an
hour before it just suddenly stopped. The authorities were just as mystified as the
people who heard it. There were no military or commercial aircraft in the area at the time when the “sound” was being heard. This report made it very obvious that the sister who called me was not just “hearing things.” So what was it and what caused it?

Now reports are coming in from all over this country and even from other countries
about people hearing this strange “sound.” It always comes from the sky, yet there is no visible source of the sound; no airplane, rocket, or anything else. Today a brother in Christ sent me a video recording of the “sound.” He heard it and grabbed his video to record it and the possible source of it. But as he began the recording and looked toward the sky, he couldn’t see anything but darkness. But he did get a good recording, and I listened to the “sound” myself TODAY via his recording. Thousands of people have now heard this “sound.” Yet no one knows the source of it, or if anyone does know they aren’t telling. So what is it and what is causing it?  You can read more at Believer's Journey.

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  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    It almost sounds like a chorus of Angels singing a mighty chord made of many notes that resonate with one another, just a long steady chorus of the same tones as you can almost hear it like a choir, catching their breaths, when one dies down, another picks up, then another dies down, another picks up the tones, but it's just a long steady chord, like a chorus, is what it sounds like to me.

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I watched the video. Very creepy sounding to me. I did some research and I read I'm where people from Louisiana, Michigan, and Ohio are also hearing the noise. These states surround the New Madrid fault zone.