Thursday, March 24, 2011

Massive Fire At Miami International Airport Fuel Tank Farm

A massive fire broke out at Miami International Airport fuel tank farm. The blaze broke out at 11 p.m.Wednesday night in an area where fuel is stored for planes. "Over 40 units have been deployed," said Miami-Dade Commission Chair Joe Martinez.  Source
Massive Fuel Tank Farm Fire At Miami Int'l Airport

AFP-Flames rise from a gas pipeline attack in Egypt's northern Sinai Saboteurs (Terrorists) attacked Egyptian Pipeline

Hours after the massive fire ripped through a fuel tank at Miami International Airport, a “suspicious package” caused an evacuation of a terminal Thursday morning. A bomb squad was called in as authorities investigated.

Obviously, if a “suspiciou package” was discovered,  and a bomb squad was called in to investigate, more is going on here than meets the eye,  but mind you, we will never know the truth. The “T” word was never mentioned, and the media says the cause of the massive fire that ripped through the fuel tank at Miami International Airport was a “malfunction” What kind of “malfunctioin?”  And how was the cause of the massive fire determined so quickly, without a thorough investigation? No explosion is mentioned in the article, but obviously one had to occur if the fire involved a fuel tank,  so something had to start the massive fire.

Nah… this could not be a “T” attack because "the authorities" did not mention the "T" word, even though American officials are warning Gaddafi may lash out with new terrorist attacks.

The Scriptures warn us to Prove All Things.  When a suspicious package is discovered, and the investigators leave more questions than answers as  to the  cause of this suspicious fire, then people need to ask more questions, and keep asking until the mystery is solved, because a  strange event such as this will ultimately affect all of our well being if jihadists are the cause. 
By the way, this isn't the first time Islamists  have been suspected of  blowing up fuel storage areas and  pipelines, as was suggested when the Sinai gas pipeline was sabotaged and blown up during the protests in Egypt a few months ago.

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  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Hmmm – huge fire caused by “malfunction” and suspicious package at the same airport simultaneously ? That would have to be a huge coincidence.
    Remember folks, the gov’t and the MSM lies about the real news.


  2. The first thought I had was a Libya connection.
    From an Air Force background,
    Jet fuel tanks take some help to explode and burn.

    Hide the truth is the modus operandi of the criminals in charge,they don't want to panic the masses with reality.

    We are in for many returns on our latest investment and of course the fools at the helm will keep the sheep headed for slaughter doped up with everything available to them.
    busy-ness,cares of this life and vanity.

    The greatest weapon's the Government/Media complex use against the public are lies,ignoring whats really going on and the biggest,our own apathy and short 3 minute attention span.