Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Muslim Who Inspired Hitler's Final Solution

Nazism did not end in Hitler's Germany for the Jewish people.  It has been alive since 1948 when the Jewish people returned to their ancient homeland after being scattered among the nations, a fulfillment of biblical prophecy in our generation when the present state of Israel was born after 2,000 years.
Hajj Amin al-Husayni With Adof Hitler
The Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem

The muslim Mufti of Jerusalem, the muslim who inspired Hitler's final solution from the beginning, plotted with Hitler to keep the Jews out of 'Palestine' and during the final months of WWII, the muslim Mufti actually lived in Hitler's bunker and he himself played a key role in the decision of the Arab league to reject the UN partition plan in 1947 to reject a Jewish state in 'Palestine' and rallied the arabs throughout the arab world to apply Hitler's program of the final solution to wipe the Jewish people out from the State of Israel.

The muslim mufti was instrumental in raising a new generation of arabs in creating the muslim brotherhood in promoting the lifelong cause to destroy the State of Israel and become a mentor of the nortorious criminal and terrorist who became Yassar Arafat, whose name was given to Arafat, the Egyptian, by the Mufti.

In Berlin, Hitler accommodated the muslim mufti with radio media where the mufti promoted the Nazi concept and message in arabic and where, in Berlin, the muslim mufti was given the task of organizing the muslim confederacy of the Nazi murder machine where Jews were murdered through Yugoslavia.

In November of 1941, the mufti was given Hitler's guarantee that once the Jewish people were dealt with in Europe, Hitler would promote his Nazi murder machine of the Jewish people in the Middle East, and Husseni guaranteed the cooperation and support of the arabs in the Nazi effort.  This effort is alive and very active today in the Middle East with Israel's arab enemies who are determined to destroy the Jewish people.

God will deal very harshly toward these people and nations who have plotted and schemed to exterminate the Jews, as we have seen in the past, and are seeing today, as is recorded in His Holy Word.

If you have been involved in anti-semitism or hatred and discrimination toward the Jewish people, I urge you to renounce it now and ask for God's forgiveness as you move away from this santanic darkness.

The Association Between Nazism And Arab Antisemitism

After you watch the above video, go to David Horowitz's site to see this factual presentation.

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