Monday, September 03, 2007

Israel's Separation Wall To Come Down

This just in from Israel National News, September 3, 2007

Peres: Separation Wall Will Come Tumbling Down

( President Shimon Peres told the Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman that he is "100 per cent" sure that the separation barrier eventually will come down. He added, "We are experts in dismantling walls." He explained, "It is not the age of walls, but it is the age of terror, and I think terror will disappear finally because it does not have a message. It is a violent protest and they don't know where they are going."

As I said on June 11, 2007, no one really knows when Ezekiel's War will happen, and there is still the matter of the "separation wall" that the EU, the UN and Israel's hostile neighbors wants taken down.

Now, less than three  months later, we have the President of Israel declaring to the Turkish press that he is 100% sure this wall will come down.

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