Monday, March 24, 2008

ISRAEL: Messianic Jews Attacked by Orthodox Jews

What the Israeli government does not want anyone to know is their own hypocrisy toward Jewish Christians, known as Messianic Jews, in Israel. 

The government of Israel claims to be a democracy and claims to offer freedom of religion to worship as one chooses in the State of Israel, yet personal attacks and persecution against Jewish believers in Jesus Christ has been going on for years by the orthodox Jews.  This article reveals the truth of their dirty little secret. 

 What many people are unaware of is the persecution taking place right now in the state of Israel towards Jewish Christians while the Israeli government looks the other way.  This is called government sanctioned persecution.  Even worse is  evangelical Christians and evangelical Christian organizations  who blindly  donate large amounts of  money in support of Israel through various Christian Zionist and orthodox Jewish  organizations; money that often ends up in the hands of those very orthodox Jews  who are persecuting our Jewish brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Let us pray for the unsaved of Israel, but let us not forget our precious brothers and sisters in the Lord in Israel who need our support.

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