Saturday, August 27, 2011

Intense HAARP Rings Or Weather Modification Seen In Hurricane Irene

Check out these HAARP rings shown in Hurricane Irene in the video below.

Most of us have heard about HAARP,a research program  funded by the United States Army and Navy,  blamed for many natural disasters because of the alteration and modification of the weather.

A big thank you to Barbie Shadrick for sending this video to me today.

After watching the video, go to the link to read the many comments concerning this.

I have been very suspicious of HAARP this past year of altering the weather as satan loves to mimick God as he is now trying to control the weather!


According to, the eye of Hurricane Irene will pass very close to NYC Sunday, and along the mid-Atlantic coastline tonite. Those living in the NYC and coastal areas need to heed the warnings and seek safe shelter farther inland.

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