Friday, April 20, 2012

With Extreme Heat Comes Extreme Insect Swarms (Video)

Massive fish die offs all around the world, birds dropping dead from the sky, dolphins beaching themselves in several places,extreme and record breaking weather around the world, and now with the extreme heat and drought, we have extreme insect swarms. Take a look at the forecast for spring-- insect swarms.

I was curious to learn the significance of a swarm of bees from a biblical viewpoint. From the scriptures I found, in Deuteronomy 1:44, in the writings of Moses he says, "The Amorites chased you, as bees do"; in Psalm 118:12, the psalmist says, "They compassed me about like bees"; in Isaiah 7:18, the bee is the type of the chastisement that the Lord will bring from the land of Assyria.

A swarm of bees are very powerful, and very offensive, and an instrument used by God in a dreadful manner for sin and disobedience against Him.

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