Friday, November 03, 2006

ISRAEL:Arab Occupiers Holed Up In Mosque

use women as shields......
Palestinian Authority terrorists used women to protect them from arrest by IDF soldiers – at the cost of life -- on Friday. One woman died in Gaza.
Arab women in northern Gaza were urged in a radio broadcast Friday morning to go to a mosque in Beit Hanoun to serve as ‘human shields’ for gunmen holed up in the Muslim religious building surrounded by IDF forces. Where are your human rights groups now? This act of cowardice by muslim occupiers who summon and use women and children to hide behind, set them up to be hurt or killed, is a violation of human rights. The human rights groups should be outraged over this and demand that these muslim killers be captured and tried for their crimes against innocent muslim women and children. Read about it at link above.

Muslim Women As Human Shields

Would any American, European or Israeli man call for his wife, mother, sister or daughter to come into a fire-fight and stand as a human shield to protect him? The Arab Muslim Palestinians, on the other hand, think nothing of using women, children and the elderly as "human shields."These are the great macho Muslim men who take such pride in their self-perceived masculinity. They not only called up their women as shields, but called for women's dresses to disguise themselves and escape within the crowd. Worse yet, after they became "females," some of the escaping terrorists fired their weapons from the crowd of women, drawing fire from the Israelis who were after the terrorists using the mosque as a hiding place. The Israelis' return fire struck the crowd of women who were shielding the escaping male terrorists, killing two women and injuring some 10 others. What heroic figures, what role models for their children. Would you hide behind the skirts of your mother, wife, sisters or daughters so you could escape?I recall how Ayatollah Khomeini, in his war with Iraq, sent children to run across Iraqi minefields so that Iranian soldiers might cross safely. But, not to worry, Khomeini gave them slips of paper that told the children that they would soon be in Muslim warriors' heaven. Of course, many did not die, but merely had their limbs blown off, so they could live the rest of their lives as maimed cripples.


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Anyone with half a brain can see what a bunch of losers these Islamics are.


  2. Tell ya what, let's take away all the billions of dollars of weapons the US taxpayer supplies the Zionists and give them to the Palistinians instead and see what the Israeli's do then.

  3. You forgot about one BIG thing, kerux...
    "The God of Israel watches over the Israelites and the land He gave to the Jews forever." He who watches over Israel neither slumbers or sleeps.