Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ISRAEL The Coming Middle East War from the Jerusalem Post

Warnings to the people of Israel are coming out on a regular basis now alerting them of yet another all out war with their hostile arab enemies. The IDF pulled out of Lebanon under the anti Israel UN Resolution 1701 which enabled Hizbullah and Hamas just enough time to rearm and gain strength for the three-front war they have been planning for some time.

Right On: The coming Middle East war
Israelis See War Right Around The Corner!

The warning signs are everywhere, yet no one wishes to see them. Israel's foes are gearing up for war, and it's time that we opened our eyes to the danger that confronts us.

The conflict may be just weeks or even months away, or perhaps a bit longer. How it will start is anyone's guess, but make no mistake, a major outbreak of hostilities is almost certainly around the corner.

If this sounds like scare-mongering or even an advanced case of paranoia to you, just take a glance at the newspapers from the past few weeks. If you read them with a discerning eye, you will see exactly what I mean. See more at link

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