Saturday, October 04, 2008

Is Russia Preparing Full Scale Military Confrontation With The US and Nato?

While America is presently in a state of a financial meltdown and presently undergoing God's judgment for its major role in pushing for the division of the land of Israel and in particular God's Holy City to give half to Israel's enemies, Russia has been very busy these days building its nuclear forces.

It sure looks as if God has taken away America's god of greed, only to have George W. Bush, who just doesn't get it, initate and push for a $700 billion Wall Street bailout plan, which only serves to cover over a huge hole with a small bandaid.

And how much longer does America have to repent for its gross immorality and the slaughter of millions of God's creation through abortion, and for throwing God out of America, His Son Jesus Christ and His Word is anyone's guess, before Russia executes greater, and what may be His final judgment upon America by using its nuclear power upon this once great nation blessed by God?

I don't pretend to know God's plan for America's judgment for it's grave sins, but I sure can see the handwriting on the wall.

  • Russia announced an overhaul of its strategic nuclear forces and army yesterday, in the clearest sign yet that Moscow may be preparing for a possible full scale military confrontation with the US and Nato.Continues Here.

The Wall Street bailout will only last a short while, and the money will run out again, and Americans and Christians need to to come to terms with reality and understand that God will no longer tolerate a nation He has so greatly blessed that has come against His beloved Israel and Jerusalem, His great name and His Son Jesus Christ, and is full of sin with is cup running over.

Let us continue to pray for God's mercy to fall upon America and that He will hold off more judgment a little longer and not give America what it deserves. Let us pray that eyes will be opened to see the hand of God at work and multitudes will turn their hearts toward the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance.

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  1. I fear we here in the USA mirror the Isreal of the OT and can expect no less than they suffered, outside the covering of the Blood of Jesus. How sad that our nation, who has been given everything for life and godliness... has for the most part not followed the Father's heart and chosen life! While I am saddened by this heart calls out with the Spirit...Maranatha Lord Jesus!

  2. O, I so agree with you, Nancy. I fear America is in deep trouble w/God and I cannot shake the feeling that great judgment is about to fall upon this once great nation as those who care watch our God given freedoms be taken away from us if and when Obama becomes President of the USofA.