Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Giant Sunspot Unleashes Massive Solar Flare( With Video)

More cosmic events, or signs in the heavens,  are occurring in the universe
Luke 21:25-27.
Not only is a huge rock, or asteroid expected to buzz by the earth today but on November 3, the sun unleashed a massive solar flare that has been dubbed a “benevolent monster“ by scientists. You may have noticed it is unusually bright today; that’s because the flare wasn’t aimed at earth when it occurred five days ago, but scientists said that in five days, which is today (November 8, 2011), the active region upon the sun would be directly facing the earth.The region on the sun that flared will be facing earth for about two weeks.

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You may be wondering how this could affect the planet we live on. I did some research and here is what I found.
Video from Space.com

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 The last time a massive eruption such as this occurred was in 1859, the largest flare came unleashed a coronal mass ejection straight at the Earth. And just 18 hours later, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm hit the Earth.
In Boston, the light was so bright that even at 1:00 AM, people could read the newspaper without any other light sources around them. The currents in long Telegraph wires in both the United States and Europe experienced induced ElectroMagnetic Force. Fires broke out in the telegraph offices and even shocked the telegraph operators. Auroras were seen in Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and Italy. This was the 1859 solar superstorm. More here.

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