Monday, November 28, 2011

Second Mysterious Explosion Heard In Iran In Two Weeks

There’s lots of action in Iran these days.

 Just two weeks after a huge mysterious explosion took place near Tehran killing 17 troops including an IRGC officer responsible for the development of some of Iran's most advanced weapons, another huge mysterious  explosion occurred; this time  in Isfahan, Iran, which is  home to nuclear experimental reactor, uranium enrichment sites, rocking the Iranian city of Isfahan.  hmmm....Maybe it's time for the Iranians to think about getting out of the nuclear weapons business!  Psalm 121:4

What a testimony to God’s Word!  When you plan evil things against another, it will surely “boomerang” back to you as Isaiah prophesied in Isaiah 55:11.


Image Shows Iranian Missile Site Was Destroyed!!

Two weeks after a mysterious explosion at an Iranian missile base, a Washington-based research group has released a satellite image showing extensive damage to the site.

The image of the compound, near the city of Malard, doesn’t provide any clues as to what caused the
Nov. 12 explosion, which Iranian authorities described as an “accident” involving the transport of ammunition. But it does make clear that the facility has been effectively destroyed. Read more here.

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