Friday, March 02, 2012

'Ancient 'Bible' Discovered In Turkey Has Many Contradictions

Recently, news came out of Turkey where an ancient 'Bible' reported by the muslim media claimed that the 'Bible' contained verses attributed to Jesus Christ, in which Christ predicts the coming of Muhammad. Upon review and a closer look at the writings in the 'Bible'there are several mistakes that are very obvious to Christians, Jews, and muslims which show many contradictions.

The book also contains information that lack historical credibility like the presence of three armies, each made up of 200,000 soldiers, in Palestine whereas the entire population of Palestine 2,000 years ago did not even reach 200,000. In addition, Palestine was occupied by the Romans at the time and it is impossible that Palestine was allowed to have any army or armies of its own.

While the media tried to pass the 'Bible' off as an authentic 1,500 year old discovery, the 'Bible' is obviously a fraud. The last sentence in chapter 217 says that 100 pounds of stones were placed on Christ’s body. This confirms that the gospel was written quite recently because the first to use the pound as a unit of weight was the Ottomans in their experiments with Italy and Spain and it was never known during the time of Jesus.

Skepticism over the authenticity of the text arises from the contradictions it has with the Quran even though it recognizes Islam and Prophet Mohammed in addition to the fact that most studies say the book goes back to only 500 years ago.

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