Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Young Muslim Girl Forced To Marry Her Rapist Kills Self In Morocco

What a horrific fact that a young Muslim girl who was forced to marry her rapist killed herself by taking rat poisoning in Morocco. The only good that can possibly come from this for this young female victim of Islamic law is that she is now free from Islamic law and her tormentors forever, where they can never hurt her again. May she rest in peace. Read the story here.

The exact opposite of the teachings of Islam, our great God of Christianity, Jesus Christ had immense compassion for women. At a time and place where women, as in the teachings of Islam today, were not even considered 'second class citizens', Jesus showed extraordinary sympathy and the utmost respect for women. What a difference there is between the cruel teachings of Islam when compared to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The New Testament shows us example after example of how Jesus treated women when He walked upon the earth, an example for all of us to follow.

When a muslim tells you he believes in Jesus, don't believe him. The muslim Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible, who loved and honored women.

Jesus thought so highly of the women, Jesus chose to reveal Himself first to His women followers after His resurrection. Matthew 28: 1-10

The scriptures below are just a few of the teachings of Jesus on women that reflect the Saviour's respect and honor for women.

Matthew 9:18-25
Matthew 13:33
Matthew 15:22-28
Matthew 26:6-13

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