Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today I received this email from Brad with a picture of a United States of America soldier Jeremiah in Iraq after he received a package of goodies from yours truly. You too can be a part of this. Scroll down to September 11 and 9 entries here and see how you can be a blessing to our troops serving us in Iraq. You, too will be blessed. A BIG THANK YOU, JEREMIAH and God bless you and all the troops!!

Hi Toni!

Here's Jeremiah with your care package. I had a few different ones, so I asked him if he wanted the big one or the small one. He stammered for just a minute, and answered THE BIG ONE! He was quite surprised to see how big it was, and all that you had included. A few days ago, he was walking by as I was giving some others out to random soldiers. He and a group of soldiers walked by, and asked me to save some for them for when they walked back by on their way to their rooms. So they got left out. Until I met Jeremiah last night who was filling in as Chapel guard. He said he would be taking the box back and sharing it with his battle buddies. I know they will be just as glad as Jeremiah also. You should be getting a thank you note back from him. Thanks for supporting these guys like this. They greatly appreciate it!

God bless you!


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