Thursday, April 24, 2008


Tag Jesus Under Attack
Tag Divinity of Jesus Under Attack

It appears the closer we get to the return of Christ, the more blasphemy of the Name Above All Names we see.

Fox News is reporting 'Basic Instinct' Director Paul Verhoeven has written a biography that says Jesus was the son of Mary and a Roman rapist.

In his upcoming biography of Jesus, "Basic Instinct" director Paul Verhoeven will make the shocking claim that Christ probably was the son of Mary and a Roman soldier who raped her during the Jewish uprising in Galilee.

An Amsterdam publishing house said Wednesday it will publish the Dutch filmmaker's biography of Jesus, "Jesus of Nazareth: A Realistic Portrait," in September.

It will be translated into English in 2009, Marianna Sterk of the publishing house J.M. Meulenhoff said. Verhoeven hopes it will be a springboard for him to raise interest in making a film along the same lines, she said.

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