Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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Strange, there is no news coming out of the major news media concerning this precedent setting Israeli Supreme Court decision April 17th, finding in favor of Messianic Jews and the law of return. Here's another article that I came across from the Baptist press today which elaborates a bit more on this landmark decision.

"It's really a huge decision because the court apparently further ordered the Israeli Ministry of Interior to stop persecuting Jewish believers," Sibley said. "Some of the very Orthodox Jewish sectors of society had taken positions in the Ministry of Interior and had been using their positions to revoke believers' citizenship, deny visas and generally harass not only Jewish believers in Jesus but also Christian workers in Israel."

The Supreme Court's decision should alleviate some of the pressure that Jewish believers and foreign Christian workers have felt in Israel, Sibley said, adding that he "can't help but believe" the ruling is related to a terrorist attack on the Messianic community that occurred in March. In that incident, 15 year old Ami Ortiz, whose parents are noted Messianic congregational leaders in Ariel, opened a bomb disguised as a gift delivered to his home. He suffered extensive damage to his body but is expected to recover after at least a year of treatment. Though a police investigation is ongoing, anti-missionary Orthodox Jews were among those originally suspected as perpetrators.

Here's an updated report on the progress and outpouring of prayers from around the world for Ami Ortiz and his family. Let us continue to pray for and support this family, as well as all of the Messianic Jews of Israel first and foremost as they labor in winning more Jewish people in Israel to salvation by grace through faith in the Messiah Jesus.

ISRAEL: Messianic Jews Attacked By Orthodox Jews

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