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Sola Dei Gloria has put up several shocking eye-opening updates concerning the Banning of Jesus at the National Day of Prayer by its Honorary Chairman Ravi Zacharias for fear of offending Jewish people according to the initial news release reported at Slice of Laodicea It's my understanding that the National Day of Prayer has its foundation in America's Judeo Christian heritage so why then is Christ left out? I would just like to ask for some simple honesty, at least from Mr. Zacharias or Shirley Dobson, both professing "Christians" who suggest that Jewish people will be offended at the mention of Jesus name during this "religious" event.

You must admit that the writers of the New Testament were Jewish, correct? And by all that is written, they were observant Jews, except for the fact that they believed in and followed Jesus, also Jewish. Jesus himself attended and celebrated the Passover Seder. So why would any Jewish person be offended, and why not just call the event a Jewish event or Judeo event since it is quite obvious that the word "Christian" is not Jewish enough for some, or too foreign for others ?

Do you know that the New Testament and the belief in Jesus Christ or Messiah is Jewish? Hello?
It seems these organizers that suggest Jewish people will be offended are now wearing the same shoes of the pharisees that rejected the Messiah and confronted him daily. With that said, one would hope they would at least be honest and admit that this is a Jewish faith, born in the land of Isreal, with Torah as its foundation.

The Messianic Jews of Israel very recently won a precedent setting victory in the Supreme Court to be recognized as Jews in the land of Israel under the Law of Return. Are we now going to segregate and discriminate against them in America because some evangelicals thinks some Jewish people will be offended?

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