Thursday, May 27, 2010

Help In Leaving Islam Ad Bus Campaign Underway In New York City

Now there is help for those who have been eager to leave Islam, but for fear of their lives, haven’t. A bus ad campaign for metro city busses put together by Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs, who has spent years studying and exposing Islam, is now underway on New York City busses. The ad starts out "Fatwa on your head?" CNN has this story.

You will recall the recent ordeal teen ager Rifqa Bary, now in an Ohio foster home, endured in her recent attempt to get out of Islam after she converted to Christianity, who is still in fear for her life from her family members. And the Buffalo, NY woman who was beheaded by her "moderate" muslim husband in an honor killing because she wanted to separate herself from him because of abuse. And of course included in the list of thousands who have left Islam and live in fear of their lives and being hunted down is Mosab Yousef, Son of Hamas.We pray for your success, Pamela in this very worthwhile endeavor.

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John 14:6


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