Sunday, June 05, 2011

Radical Rock Throwing Thugs Attempt To Breach Israel's Border From Syria On Naksa Day

IDF troops near the border. Photo: AP
Despite Israel's warnings, rock throwing radical thugs from Syria approached IDF soldiers at the border fence on Naksa Day, or the anniversary of the start of the Six Day War, when the arabs were defeated by the Israelis, attempting to breach Israel's northern border from Syria.

IDF forces called on the radical thugs to cease. When they refused, IDF soldiers fired warning shots into the air which were also ignored. Read about it here

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed "Naksa Day" in Sunday's Cabinet meeting, saying that "unfortunately there are radical elements around us that are trying to breach our borders and threaten our citizens."
"We have instructed security forces to exercise restraint, but still secure the borders," he said. Source

Through Syria's continuous provacations, it may be that the Lord is bringing  about the time when Israel will be forced to deal with her hostile neighbors again, soon  bringing about the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1. We shall see.

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