Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hamas Ship Of Fools Flotilla Put On Hold

Israeli soldiers attacked during the 1st Gaza Flotilla

Under the sham of Freedom Flotilla 2, the muslim invaders and their supporters have decided, for the time being, to cease provoking an all out clash with the Israeli Navy and IDF on the sea as the Hamas ship of fools flotilla destined for Gaza in an attempt to delegitimize Israel internationally has been put on hold, according to the Jerusalem Post.

This time around, it won’t be so easy for the terrorist sponsored flotilla as the IDF is well prepared to meet and deal with these invaders.
Withdrawn insurance deeds, alleged sabotage and Greek bureaucracy have dealt a setback to organizers of Freedom Flotilla 2, who said on Tuesday that departure to the Gaza Strip might be postponed until next week.

In addition, a mere 350 people are expected to participate in the flotilla, as opposed to the 1,500 originally expected by the organizers.
“There have been many obstacles and complaints. Some boats are not ready and it is not clear when we will sail, although we expect it will be in the coming week,” Ewa Jasiewicz, a leader of the Free Gaza Movement from Poland, told The Jerusalem Post from Greece. Read More
Now is a very good time to remind the world of this gem I posted June 4, 2010 after the 1st Gaza Flotilla, put together by the very talented Caroline Glick, author and columnist at the Jerusalem Post and editor of the Hebrew language website Latma, and apparently now a Choreographer, the Gaza Flotilla choir presents "We Con The World", featuring the Turkish-Hamas "Love Boat"captain, crew and passengeres.

This satire, that went viral before You Tube took it down, is brilliant so be sure to watch it, enjoy, and share with others, and give this Jewish group a big hand for getting the truth out about the hypocrit Gaza Terror Flotilla in such a clever way.

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  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I'm one of the few who didn't see the video first time around. Very funny, and yet, it makes me want to scream. There is absolutely no justice in this wicked world. I guess one is forced to either become bitter or laugh. How does Israel manage to maintain their humor and sanity in spite of the daily hypocrisy worldwide? Boggles my mind.

    Have you seen this one?

  2. Hi Pearl:

    I'm so glad I put the video up again so you got to see it. I am probably one of a handful or less sites that found the video that Caroline Glick duplicated again with the help of loyal friends,
    and put up on her Latma site after You Tube censored the first one after 3 million views in a very short period of time. I'm glad I saved it. You tube cannot censor this one because it was duplicated completely independant of them.

    I had multitudes of people who found the video on my site after You Tube yanked it, and it was a number one page view for almost a month here afterwards.

    I think the Israelis have become numb from the constant persecution and it now is just natural for them and it doesn't even bother them; somewhat like a person who works in the medical profession and sees people sick and die all the time.. You learn to emotionally detach yourself, otherwise you would probably lose it completely. Plus I believe God gave the Jews a special gift in adapting to the worst of situations in this world and to stress, knowing beforehand that they would need it because of worldwide Jew hatred, and persecution, which is purely satanic in nature.

    I hadn't seen the flag salesman video, but it is true in the arab world that the flag business is a booming business because of all the staged protests with flag burning that take place over there. I read about it in one of the Israeli media a few years ago.

    June 30, 2011

  3. I think it's very clear that after the horrific events that occurred on the 1st flotilla they seem to think they should send a 2nd flotilla, they are obviously doing this for publicity. I would like to invite you to check out Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards Gaza

    Thanks for your support.