Friday, June 04, 2010

Gaza Flotilla Choir Presents "We Con The World"

In this gem put together by the very talented Caroline Glick, author and columnist at the Jerusalem Post and editor of the Hebrew language website Latma, and apparently now a Choreographer, the Gaza Flotilla choir presents "We Con The World",featuring the Turkish-Hamas "Love Boat"captain, crew and passengeres. This satire is brilliant so be sure to watch it, enjoy, and share with others, and give this Jewish group a big hand for getting the truth out about the hypocrit Gaza Terror Flotilla in such a clever way.

Caroline says:

This week at Latma - the Hebrew-language media satire website I edit, we decided to do something new. We produced a clip in English. There we feature the Turkish-Hamas "love boat" captain, crew and passengers in a musical explanation of how they con the world.

We think this is an important Israeli contribution to the discussion of recent events and we hope you distribute it far and wide.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.
Psalm 2:4

Flotilla Choir presents We Con The World

For those of you unaware, You Tube has censored Caroline Glick's fabulous presentation with the Flotilla Choir, "We Con The World",after 3 million views and Ms. Glick  now has a new host site. Let's keep this great video truth  going around the world and get another 3 million views. Feel free to take the new embed code from this video and place it on your site, or go to CarolineGlick's site.

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  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    This is priceless.

    Lori from Boston