Monday, June 21, 2010

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Coming To Washington June 29

Obama Bows To Saudi King at G-20 Meeting in London

World Watch Daily has an intriguing announcement on his site concerning a meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in Washington on June 29, followed by an Obama meeting in Washington one week later  with the P M of Israel on July 6 (provided it doesn’t get put off again) with a supposedly agenda of strengthening bilateral ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia, as well as a range of common concerns related to Gulf Security, peace in the Middle East, and other regional and global matters.

Which really tells us nothing.  But I would think that because of the reported snubs by Obama toward the Israeli Prime Minister over the past few months, Obama should be announcing that he looks forward to strengthening of bilateral ties between the United States and Israel.

In any event, we know that neither Obama or the Saudi King is  to be trusted by Israel, because of recent  and past performances towards Israel and the Jews.  The one common bond all muslims have when they are not fighting amongst themselves is their hatred for and attacking  innocent  Jews and the Jewish State of Israel.   It is my guess that what to do about Iran and what Israel will have to concede to the arabs in the fake peace talks over the fabricated  "palestinian" issues  to be allowed to use Saudi air space in a potential strike on Iran  will be at the  top of the list of things discussed as the House of Saud is more fearful of having  their House fall into  the radical Islamic elements in the Middle East, and need Israel to do their dirty work for them when it comes to Iran.

The Bible, in Psalm 83 vs. 6-8 tells us that the Ishmaelites, who are  the Saudis,  will one day, and I believe that day is soon,  align with nine other arab confederates in a war against Israel. This is not to be confused with Ezekiel’s War, which is a different war with different nations involved. The prophecy, written by Asaph, is asking God to intervene and completely wipe out these long standing ancient enemies of the Jews and Israel, which has never happened because these radical Islamic people groups mentioned in the Psalm 83 are still around making war with  Israel and the Jews in the land of Israel

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