Monday, June 14, 2010

Iranian Ship Enroute To Gaza

Even though there is no humanitarian aid problem in Gaza, under the guise of “humanitarian aid," and what can only be considered a provocative move on the part of Iran, Reuters is reporting that an Iranian ship is now in route to Gaza with the goal of breaking the Israeli blockade of the terrorist controlled terrority by Hamas, a proxy for Iran out to destroy Israel.  Reuters, you will recall, is an anti-Israel media outlet from the UK who doctored up pictures of  an Israeli soldier by croppping out the knife  held by a terrorist  standing over the Israeli soldier  aboard the Turkish Terror Ship Mavi Marmara May 31  headed for Gaza and boarded  by the Israelis; so you really cannot count on what Reuters print.  After searching the web, I do not find any other media reporting that an Iranian ship has actually left for Gaza yet,  except Reuters.

Meanwhile, the IsraelNationalNews is reporting that Iranian Marines Set to Escort Flotilla 'To Teach Israel Lessons'. Is there a showdown between Israel and Iran coming this week?

From the PalToday Website from Gaza see for yourself the abundance of goods the people of Gaza enjoy in the marketplace.

The Flotilla Choir Presents Once Again "We Con The World"


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  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Hi Toni - according to JPost today, two ships are ready loaded and waiting for permission from the Iranian Foreign Ministry to set sail for Gaza, hoping to leave by the end of this week. A third is planned for next week.

  2. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks for the info.

    Yet according to the Reuters story, one ship left Iran Sunday for Gaza and is already enroute.