Monday, June 28, 2010

Media Blackout On Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe-Connecting The Dots

What's with the media blackout on the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe? The only mainstream news  reports given to the public are those from BP or the Obama Administration puppets. No investigating reporters are allowed near the catastrophe.

In this first revealing Reality Report video, Patrick Wood, researcher of the New World Order masters and founder of The August Review website, connects the dots for us as Mr. Woods exposes the connection between BP's Gulf Oil Catastrophe, The Trilateral Commission, The Obama Administration and the media blackout on the oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

After you watch the first video, be sure to watch the second shocking video with Kerry Kennedy on Fox News, and what various other witnesses are saying about the chemical caused illnesses to people taking place in the Gulf of Mexico because of the chemicals used by BP in the area. There are no words to describe this.

This amounts to more than environmental terrorism and chemical poisoning by BP and Obama in the Gulf of Mexico. It amounts to Criminal Negligence.

M U S T  S E E BP Staying Tight Lipped With Kerry Kennedy on Fox-People Are Getting Sick - Respiratory Problems, Skin Rashes, And More...

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