Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is The Middle East About To Explode?

It’s beginning to look like to me that the Middle East is about to explode and things could get apocalyptic very fast.I have been reading reports from various sources that appear to indicate that  we are very close to a green light on an attack of Iran’s nuclear facilities, which means there will be a full blown Middle East War following the attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. There are reports out of Iran that Israeli and American soldiers are situated on the Iran border.

And reports out of Israel that the IAF recently unloaded equipment at a Saudi base, with American troops on the Iran border, and a build-up of American warships and one Israeli warship  that passed through the Suez Canel just last week.

Reports I have been reading say in private, the Saudis are very much in favor of Israel taking out Iran’s nukes, while publically the Saudis disdain and do recognize  Israel and deny giving Israel permission to use Saudi air space for a fly over. And don’t forget, the Saudi King will be in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, June 29 to meet with Obama, followed by a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu a week later.  So something is definitely up.  Some sources indicate the Saudi King will speak to Obama about the Saudi Peace Plan between the Israelis and Palestinians and push for more concessions from Israel.  However....

At the same time, some reports are saying that the European countries and the United States are now quietly backing Israel, and are preparing to back Israel against an attack by Iran and Syria, which of course would include Hamas and Hezbullah.  If my presumptions are correct,  I hardly  think Obama is prepared to back  Israel out of concern for Israel’s national security, but only because the Saudi King is pushing  him into it out of fear of Iran and the radical terror groups taking the House of Saud down.  The last thing the Saudis want in the Middle East is a nuclear Iran.

American troops are already in Afghanistan and Iraq, and this makes sense that the enormous unprecedented buildup of American troops in these two countries are there for the long haul of it, getting prepared to engage in a bigger confrontation that will involve a coordinated strike on targets not only in Iran, but Lebanon and Syria, and other major terror groups in the region operating out of these countries.

However you look at it, it’s getting more and more tense in the Middle East with each passing day; and the window of opportunity for Israel to take out Iran's nuclear facilities will be closing soon so Israel, with or without the United States, has to make a move very soon; personally, I think a coordinated attack preparation is underway and it’s time to get serious about praying for all of our troops in the Middle East who will be involved in this war effort, the Israeli troops, and the people of Iran. May they be set free from the tyranny and torture they have been forced to live under, and may Jesus be with them and guide them.

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