Sunday, June 13, 2010

Israel: Alone And Strong

As Israel is facing condemnation from the international community, and the prospect of annihilation from a nuclear attack from Iran, The Jerusalem Post has a very prophetic message for the world concerning Israel that you may want to look at titled Israel: Alone And Strong.

The writer tells us of the dire consequences to a nation suffering from a nuclear attack, but reminds everyone inside and outside of Israel that the God of Israel is still alive and well. He has assured the whole world that He will never slumber nor sleep in His efforts to watch over, protect and preserve Israel. He has promised through His prophets that He will never again allow the restored nation of Israel to be destroyed.

It doesn't matter how small or weak Israel may seem, compared to other nations. The power of all other nations combined is only like a drop in the bucket compared to the power of the God of Israel.

The biblical prophets also revealed that one day a large coalition of armies will gather on Israel's land with plans to attack and destroy Jerusalem and the rest of the nation. But God will meet them on the plain of Megiddo and wipe out their armies.

Keep your eyes open. All this may happen sooner than you think. Read More


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