Sunday, June 20, 2010

Netherlands: Muslim Converts To Christianity Live In Fear

The story is the same wherever Muslims migrate to. Here is a story that even in the Netherlands, Muslims who convert to Christianity live in fear with death  threats and violence toward those who convert to Christianity.   We can be very thankful to God that this part of the world has people as Geert Wilders , who himself has received death threats , and his anti Islamic Freedom Party, who takes a stand against this type of Islamic facism and tyranny in the name of religion. The story says:
"People think that threats aimed at Muslims who've become Christians only happens in Muslim countries like Morocco or Iraq" says Johanna Marten, team leader of the Arabic work at the Gave foundation, an inter-church organization which helps churches with missionizing among asylum seekers. "Many people in the Netherlands have no idea of the problems that Muslims in the Netherlands encounter when they become Christian. They don't know that also in the Netherlands there are concrete threats and attacks in the name of Islam."

Marten and the people on his team hear every month of 'one or two serious death threats' towards the ex-Muslims they guide, he says. "Often we hear of people who have to deal with physical violence." Read all about it here

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