Thursday, September 23, 2010

UN Human Rights Council Says Israel Broke International Laws During Gaza Flotilla Raid

This is nothing new, folks. Even though the Israeli soldiers were defending themselves when they boarded the terrorist affiliated Turkish ship Mavi Marmara,the corrupt thugs at the United Nations Human Rights Council has concluded that Israel broke International laws during the raid on the terrorist affiliated, Gaza bound Turkish ship even though the video taken by the IDF naval boat along with Israeli testimony and evidence verifies that the “activists” on the terrorist affiliated ship heading for Hamas controlled Gaza violently attacked the Israeli soldiers with clubs, metal rods, and axes as they were attempting to board the ship after repeatedly requesting the ship change its course.

Naturally, Israel has done the right thing and has rejected this one sided corrupted investigation from the UN thugs, when the evidence clearly shows otherwise.

If you haven’t seen the close up video showing the attack by the activist  thugs aboard the Turkish ship that went viro, here it is again.

Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers

You can read the fabricated reported details from the anti-semetic UN thugs here, if you can stomach the lies.

The panel of three international lawyers said there was "clear evidence" to support prosecutions of a series of alleged crimes, including "willful killing" and "torture."
It also said the Israeli blockade of Gaza was "unlawful" because of a humanitarian crisis in the Hamas-ruled territory.
The panel interviewed more than 100 witnesses in Britain, Jordan, Switzerland, and Turkey -- but not Israel.
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