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Would Jesus Burn The Qu'ran?

Since Rev. Jones and the Qu’ran burning has been front page news for the past week thanks to Obama and company, condemning the Qu’ran burning event, (even though I have yet to hear a peep out of him when muslims all over the world burn Christian Bibles, destroy Christian houses of worship, and crosses, and burn Christians alive to this very day in muslim Pakistan), even though Obama, making excuses for Islam,  would try to make you believe Christians and America are not at war with Islam.   I had to ask myself the question: What would Jesus do? Would Jesus burn the Qu'ran?  Certainly that should be every Bible believing Christian’s first question.

I have read many commentaries from various Christian sources;  some pastors, condemning the actions of Rev. Jones, saying it is unChristian, unkind and unAmerican; and still from another supposedly Christian person suggesting that Rev. Jones should apologize to muslims. Many responses I read  were in favor of the Rev. Terry Jones.

Let me first repeat myself and say that I do not  agree with burning books, but I certainly believe that anyone has the right to burn a book or the flag  in America.  This does not necessarily make it the right thing to do and may be in poor taste, but in  a free country with freedom of speech guaranteed to  its citizens by its Constitution, one cannot  selectively choose who burns what, no matter what Obama or Hillary and friends say. With that said, Rev.  Jones is not any different, even though it may be considered poor taste to some. And let me just say now that  I don't buy into the Obama  spin that it would put American troops in danger.  Number one, it is a fact that   Muslims around the world and in Afghanistan routinely murder innocent Christians and don't need a reason to go on a rampage, and number two American troops are sworn to protect and preserve the American Constitution, the very freedom they are fighting muslims all over the world to uphold for all Americans. 

 From what I have read in the public condemnation of the Rev. Terry Jones, I have only seen these various pastors and other professed Christians give one side of the scripture references  when it comes to the teachings of the Apostle Paul, which really are not applicable to the contraversy regarding burning the Qu'ran.  None of the condemners gave a scripture reference from Jesus himself, which makes me wonder where they are getting their information from.   So I would like to suggest here that these pastors, instead of condemning Rev.Terry Jones, start reading the teachings of Jesus and what He did and said to those who were seen as his adversaries, much like those who profess to be followers of Islam and the Qu’ran. After all, muslims are told in the Qu’ran not to take Christians and Jews as their friends. Sura 5:51.  And muslims are even permitted to lie to further the cause of their "religious" conquest for  Islam. Sound familiar? 

So what is a Bible believing Christian to do?

Back to the question Would Jesus burn the Qu’ran?

The Qu’ran teaches that God had no Son. Sura 23:91

The Qu'ran denies God's Holy Trinity.  Sura 5:73

The Qu'ran teaches that Jesus was not crucified-Sura 4:157,158, therefore Jesus did not atone for the sins of the human race by His blood, and there was no Resurrection.

Jesus also called false prophets ravening wolves in Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 7:15. Jesus used very descriptive words to make a point.

Jesus didn’t have a problem with passionately  cleansing out the Temple to make His point  when He found in the Temple Court people selling oxen and sheep, turning over tables with a whip He had made from cords, scattering the coins of the money changers, and driving them all out of the Temple. To those who sold doves, Jesus told them to take them away and not to make His Father’s house a market place. Read about it in John’s Gospel Chapter 2.  And in Matthew's Gospel, Jesus referred to these same money changers desecrating the Jewish Temple, or His Father's House,  as thieves.  That's a pretty strong accusation.
I would say Jesus was quite angry and He showed His anger by His actions in John’s teachings.

Nor did Jesus apologize for His actions  to those desecrating His Father’s house.

When Jesus confronted those who were against him and His message,  and tried to trick him or intimidate Him, such as the Pharisees and Sadducees, and scribes or teachers of the law, Jesus very often openly and publiclly gave them a strong rebuke, even calling them snakes and vipers. Jesus never once appeased his adversaries, saying to them “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Blind guides, fools, serpents and generation of vipers” repeatedly. Read about it in Matthews Gospel Chapter 23.

 While Jesus did not "love people into the Kingdom of God", Jesus obviously did compassionate,  loving deeds through His miracles of healing the sick and disabled, and demon possessed and even raising the dead  to prove who He was and that He came from God; the crowds which followed Jesus around marvelled at His miracles the Gospels tell us, but more importantly, Jesus went about preaching "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."as Matthew's Gospel 4:17 shows us.

Jesus even cursed and killed a fig tree for not bearing fruit we are told in Matthew's Gospel 21:19, which should be a strong warning to Jesus' church today to wake up out of its slumber.

 It really perplexes  me when I hear talk show hosts and their callers, and propagandists and especially Christian ministers rebuke the Rev. Terry Jones, saying that Jesus never would burn a Qu’ran, when the Qu’ran denies Jesus is the Son of God, His crucifixion and resurrection, the very core beliefs of the Christian’s faith that Jesus Himself built His church upon. 

I don’t think Jesus would have a problem with approving the burning of the Qu’ran at all, and I think that even though the Rev. Terry Jones did not go through with his plan, and even though I know absolutely nothing about this man or his church,  he certainly doesn’t appear to teach  a luke warm, watered down, “can’t -we-all-get-along gospel;” it is he who  perhaps is  owed an apology from his accusers.

Clearly, Jesus is  no peace  pacifist, but is  pro-active in all that He taught us about false teachers and false religions.  Jesus taught very clearly by His words and actions  that we must reject and rebuke anything that deviates from the Holy Scriptures, including the teachings of Islam, which are incompatible with His  teachings,
No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6
and it’s quite apparent to anyone who has read all of the teachings of Jesus that Jesus was not afraid of hurting one’s feelings and take a public stand to save one‘s eternal soul.  Because Jesus is God, we need to listen to Him.

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