Friday, December 03, 2010

Arson Suspected In Mt. Carmel, Israel Raging Fires

Let us all stand in the gap for the people of Israel and ask God, in his mercy,  to send rain to the land of Israel, in Jesus name......

The Jerusalem Post is now reporting that the police think  the cause of the  horrific raging fires, reported here,  spreading across the Mt. Carmel area of northern Israel that have caused over 40 young Israelis to perish was started deliberately by arsons. 

Above, up-to-date map of fires raging in Carmel, Israel.
Two Nabbed On Suspicion of Starting Fires in North
Two Arson Suspects Spotted By IAF Drone
Two Arson Suspects Apprehended in Carmel Forest
Wave of Fires Breaks Out Across Israel
Carmel Fire 1km From Haifa

The "fire news" out of Israel is changing very rapidly and it is difficult to keep up with all of it, and in a strange way, it appears to me that the Israeli media is "downplaying" the idea that the northern inferno may have been deliberately set.    Stay tuned, and continue to pray for the people of Israel and  the brave firefighters and public servants who are battling these fires in an effort to save lives.

Some 100 firefighters from Bulgaria have arrived as well as forces from Jordan and Greece. Fire extinguishing planes were on their way from Britain and Cyprus as well as aid from the United States, Russia, Egypt, Spain, Azerbaijan, Romania and Turkey — which put aside recent tensions to lend a hand.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday evening carried out telephone conversations with leaders from Norway, Finland, Belgium, Holland and Germany in an attempt to secure additional firefighting planes.

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