Wednesday, December 08, 2010

UN Troops In Haiti Likely Cause Of Cholera Epidemic Says French Expert

A cover-up at the UN? Don’t look for this piece of information on your from page news.

While the United Nations is busy engaging itself in  controlling the health of nations and people around the world through mandatory vaccine programs linked to the cause of  various  diseases,and passing out condoms to suppress the AIDS epidemic,  it appears that now this hypocritical government body can not control the unsanitary conditions of its own UN troops in Haiti, who are now believed  to be the orgin and cause of deaths of over 2,000 people from the recent cholera epidemic in Haiti. And the death toll may be twice the official count when its all said and done.

It seems, according to a study from an expert French epidemiologist,  the cholera epidemic started in a tributary of Haiti’s Artibonite river, situated next to a UN base, outside the town of Mirebalais., according to a French Foreign Ministry official,a village not affected by the earthquake earlier this year.

It is apparent the UN could take a lesson on biblical cleanliness and clean its own house before it attempts to tell others how to clean theirs with vaccines and condoms, and now unsanitary conditions from UN troops in Haiti.

While outwards cleanliness is unrelated to spiritual cleanliness according to the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 15:11, the Mosaic laws, which Jesus fulfilled, certainly show us that God is concerned about the concepts of clean and unclean, which include body fluids and discharges.
  • "It cannot be ruled out that steps have been taken to remove the suspected fecal matter and to erase the traces of an epidemic of cholera among the soldiers," he wrote."
  • Until this outbreak there had not been a diagnosed case of cholera in Haiti as far back as records go in the mid-20th Century, Claire-Lise Chaignat, head of the global task force on cholera control at the World Health Organisation, said in October.
The fact finding report  by the French expert is most revealing, and can be read in its entirety by going to the link below.

The report calls for among other things, you guessed it, improved sanitation procedures among UN peacekeeping troops.

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