Monday, December 20, 2010

Advancing Rapidly Into The Antichrist System

Advancing rapidly into the antichrist and one world government system, changes to the American way of life are rapidly coming to pass before our very eyes, as biblical prophecy is being fulfilled at breathtaking speed.

In the very near future, the marxist regime now in control of the American government, under the guise of 'protecting the people', will create a vast domestic spying network to collect information about Americans in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent terror plots The Washington Post reported today.

The system collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands of US citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing, the report noted.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, on Sunday the Senate passed the Food Safety and Modernizaton Act, which will give the government control and power over the food industry,which will hurt small farmers and put many out of business. See Top ten lies about Senate Bill 510 

With just these two pieces of illegal legislation, the antichrist regime according to Revelation 13:17 will be able to control what people  buy and sell all over America. Bible believing Christians can be confident that as we see all of these things take place foretold in the Bible, Jesus Christ's return will follow very soon.  Draw near and take comfort in Him and His promises! 

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  1. Shalom! Have you ever looked in to G-d's feast days and how they correlated with most major events in the life of Yeshua? 4 are fulfilled and 3 are yet to be fulfilled at His coming, the judgment & our reign with Him.

  2. Shalom to you, Birdie...

    I think you are talking about Israel's Feast Days, Blood Red Moon and the Coming of the Lord...

    It is my feature article this week located in the top side bar of this blog. While I put the article up two years ago or so, I have had such an overwhelming interest, I placed it again on the front page.

    Blessings to you,