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Fires In Mt. Carmel That Killed 41 Israelis Set By Arabs

Taken by a freelance photographer, this picture shows the Prison Service cadets’ bus and Haifa police chief Ahuva Tomer’s car moments before they were engulfed by the fire Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010.
Photo by: Dan Amir

The news coming out of Israel now is that while the Israel media is keeping a low key on the wave of arson by Israel’s Arabs, the fact remains that the Mt. Carmel deadly fires that killed 41 Israelis, as well as a wave of other fires, were  set by Arabs, two of whom were arrested, the Israel National News is reporting.  Is it any wonder that arabs are dancing and celebrating in the streets over the murder of innocent Israelis?  This amounts to nothing less than the worst terror/jihad  attack in the history of Israel, and the left  Israeli media is downplaying it with some Israeli  media even ignoring it. 

Why? Is the left  media of  Israel now controlling its terrorism?   This obviously is no accident, but a jihad attack by muslims.    The people of Israel and especially those who gave their lives to save others  while rescuing others from the
deadly fire deserve to have  the truth made know  from their government leaders,  even in the face of a left media cover-up in Israel, even if they have to go out in the streets and shout it.  There is more than one way to have truth become known besides the left media, and the Israeli leadership should be shouting the truth about the start of this horrific fire from the housetops.


  • The IDF has released video footage shot from an IAF aircraft, which shows a vehicle escaping from the scene of an arson attack on the Carmel Mountain. The conversation on the radio, in Hebrew, is between pilots and police. The pilots report that they have received word from a firefighting aircraft that spotted the vehicle leaving the scene of an act of arson, near a spot called the Muhraka. The aircraft follows the vehicle – a Renault Kangoo – until it is stopped by police cars.
  • Police and volunteers are manning checkpoints, lookouts and ambushes throughout Israel in an effort to combat a wave of terrorist arson by Arab citizens of Israel. While occasionally reporting some of the arson incidents, most news sources are playing them down considerably, while others cover them up completely.
  • Police said the main conflagration in the Carmel Mountains was unintentionally caused by a group of youth from Ossafiya. According to a report on Channel 2 news, the youths lit a fire as part of a nocturnal picnic and did not put it out properly before leaving the site. Later reports said that while most of the residents of Ossafiya are Druze, the youths who were arrested are Arabs. More at link  (NOTE: Druze are of the arab sect with the arab culture and are arabs).
The Israeli leaders, and people of Israel  need our prayers and support like never before and it is my prayer that the Lord will turn this horrific terror attack against Israel and the Jews   by muslims into something good.  Romans 8:28.

Meanwhile, there is at least  one honest politician in Israel who is speaking out against the Israeli media lies and government/media  cover up concerning  the start of the catastrophic Mt. Carmel, Israel fire:
  • MK Anastasia Michaeli (Israel Beiteinu) called for those who started the fire in the Carmel to be tried for treason and attempted genocide, despite police reports that the fire was caused by negligence.
  • "What I saw in the Carmel today wasn't just any fire - I saw a war," Michaeli said. "People are losing their homes, parts of the land were completely destroyed, animals are running to save their lives, and 41 people were killed. All of these sights are part of war."
  • "The arsonists should sit in jail for the rest of their lives," Michaeli said, "and lose [Israeli] citizenship."
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