Monday, January 24, 2011

Convicted To Die, Jailed Mother Of Five Asia Bibi Lives In Constant Fear

A prayer appeal for Asia Bibi

Open Doors has an update on our Christian sister, Pakistani mother of five, Asia Bibi who was convicted to die under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws on fabricated charges and now  lives in constant fear.  Please pray for Asia Bibi’s safety and God’s supernatural protection around her as she remains confined in jail in Pakistan. Also, please keep Asia’s husband and her children in your prayers for their safety and protection.

Speaking for Asia, her husband said that Asia is very afraid.

Her conviction triggered a violent chain of events in Pakistan, including the Jan. 4 murder of Taseer by his bodyguard after the governor voiced support for her.

“She knows the Muslims have announced a prize on her head and would go to any lengths to kill her,” a visibly nervous Masih told Compass. “The governor’s murder in broad daylight has put her in a state of paranoia.”

He added that threats by Islamist extremists have dampened Noreen’s hope of getting justice from the Lahore High Court, where her appeal against the conviction has been filed but yet to be taken up.

Wearing a dark cloak to hide his identity, Masih was visibly nervous after meeting with her on Jan. 11.

“She was asking me about the situation outside,” he said. “I tried to console her, but she knows it’s really bad. She’s also worried about the children.”

The mother of two children and stepmother to three others, Noreen asked him to appeal for more prayers for her, he said.

“Please tell everyone to pray for her,” he said. Read more here

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    Praying for this dear sister and her family.