Monday, January 10, 2011

Flooding of Biblical Proportion Hits Australia

What is going on in Australia? After a decade of crop killing droughts,flooding of biblical proportion is  hitting Australia.

Even if the rain stops, it will still take weeks for the flood to fully recede, leaving mud, debris and chaos in its wake.

Mad Water: Dramatic Video Of Flash Floods Raging In Australia

The extent and scale of the "biblical" flooding across the state of Queensland has caught Australia off guard. A country used to coming to the aid of its Asian neighbours during catastrophic earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, has received offers of aid from Indonesia, New Zealand and the US to help deal with the natural disaster unfolding as the waters roll from town to town, inundating airports and mines and affecting up to 200,000 people. Read more.

While God promised never again to destroy the earth by flood, there is no doubt that the days of Noe that Jesus prophesied about in Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 12 before His Coming again are taking place right before our very eyes, and God is shaking everything and everyone around the world that can be shaken through weather and natural disasters, the likes of which  we have never seen before, perhaps  to remind people to look to Jesus for their eternal salvation.

Pray  for the people of Australia affected by these horrible floods that the Lord's mercy will fall upon their land as they look to Him for help.

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