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Beautification of Pope John Paul II

The beautification ceremony of of Pope John Paul II at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney on May 1. Photo: Dean Sewell 

The world’s news media has been extremely busy this week, first with covering the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate of Britain and  another fake birth certificate issued by Obama and friends, and now the Beautification of Pope John Paul  II, who has been dead since April 2, 2005, but now, the Roman Catholic Church, in all of its paganism, has had Pope John Paul II’s coffin exhumed for what the Roman Catholic Church calls ‘Beautification’.

I looked up 'Beautification' on Wikipedia, and the definition given is
Beatification (from Latin beatus, blessed, via Greek μακάριος, makarios and Latin facere, make) is a recognition accorded by the Catholic Church of a dead person's entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name (intercession of saints). Beatification is the third of the four steps in the canonization process. A person who is beatified is given the title "Blessed"
The Roman Catholic Church has no authority to formally accord anyone's entrance into heaven.  Hebrews 9:27.  Only Jesus Christ has authority to judge the soul of the dead and determine its eternal destiny.  II Timothy 4:1. That, my friends, is why it is absolutely imperative that you repent of your sins and trust the Lord Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation. No church or pope, living or dead,  can save you.  You must believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and His atonement for the sins of humanity with His blood, and His Resurrection from the dead.

Cardinals kiss the casket of late Pope John Paul II at the Altar of the Confession inside St. Peter's Basilica

As millions of followers in the catholic cult around the world who have been deceived by satan and his minions and earthly agents of the Roman Catholic Church focus on this pagan, ritualistic ceremony, we who follow God’s Word, the Bible, have the assurance from God Himself and  know that all who have died in Christ are saints and blessed  already according to  Revelation 14:12-13, Matthew 27:52-53, Jude 1:14-15, Romans 8:27 and many, many more Scripture promises.

 And we also know that God’s Word tells us that there is only one mediator  between God and man who brings salvation to the lost- the man Jesus Christ, I Timothy 2:3-5 (not a dead pope). In James 5:16, we are told that we, as living human beings,  can pray for one another. The Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 3:8-13 that through Christ, we can approach God in freedom and confidence. Likewise, Paul writes in  Romans 8:26 and  tells us it is the Holy Spirit's job to intercede to for us. In John 14:13, Jesus specifically instructs His followers to pray in His name only.  There is a reason for this.  Number one, praying to anyone but Jesus  is idolatry. "And here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." Revelation 14:12-13.  What is the first commandment of God? Exodus 20:3.  Number two, Christ himself never prayed to anyone but the Father.  Number three,  praying to a dead pope is a pagan  ritual that God has declared an abominatioin before his eyes.  Deuteronomy 18:10-12
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
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  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    The idea of earthly politics being behind the sudden elevation of the just former Pope to that of near sainthood had me wondering what is going on this week. And it's true, he is no position to judge as that is the role of Christ, not a Pope and not of a church that has embraced enough pagan rituals that it will probably be first in line to support the anti-Christ when he shows up. The Pope in the 1930's was actually supportive of Hitler, if you look into some of the history books. The church's earthly political kingdom was more important than Christ's Kingdom of Heaven. And so now they beatify a less than a decade deceased prior Pope.

  2. And to think that most Christians still wallow in many of the pagan practices that started with Roman Catholicism...sigh...we need to return to the roots of our faith, read the Scriptures and worship our Creator how He wants to be worshiped. Leaving pagan sun-god worship to the pagans and not try to incorporate it into Christianity.

  3. Blessings, Lori

    As much as the RCC tries to cover up and make excuses for the RCC and the pope and the role the pope played in exterminating the Jews, The Jewish Virtual Library documents best the sins and negligence of then Pope Pius XII who looked the other way while Jews were being gassed in Hitler's Germany. The truth is out there for anyone who wants to know.

    Clearly, the RCC is solely responsible for the sabotage of Biblical Christianity.

    I wrote these articles back on 2006 that you may want to read in three segments:

    The Sabotage of Biblical Christianity by the Roman Catholic Church
    Part I
    Part II
    Part III

  4. Blessings Anonymous:

    Ditto to what you said.


  5. To Oz:

    Since your comment was out of order and reflected a distortion of what has been written here, the comment was placed in the spam file and will not be posted.