Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Israel Border Invasion: Where Is The Outrage From World Media?

The silence is deafening.  Israel had three of its borders invaded Sunday with hostile neighboring muslim Arabs. Where is the outrage from the world's media  that witnessed the organized attack and  chaos  caused inside of Israel by the terrorist “Palestinian protestors" who attacked Israel this past  Sunday from the Syrian, Lebanon and Gaza borders with Israel and the disputed West Bank (Judea and Samaria) inside of Israel?  Israel is concerned, and rightly so.  These muslim terrorists did not come in peace; thus the invasion on four of Israel's borders was indeed an act of war against Israel.

No, these thousands of arab invaders were not the military as in 1948, 1967 and 1973; nevertheless, the invaders instead were muslim jihad terrorists who were attempting to invade Israel by way of violently breaching Israel’s sovereign borders on four fronts, whose actions and intentions toward Israel were harmful as previously noted on Facebook where its intentions were posted “Third Palestinian Intifada” with over 350,000 members before it was taken down.

As we see more and more, according to the arab and media world, they don’t see these “Palestinians”, a term coined by the Egyptian terrorist Yasser Arafat in the 1960’s as invaders; they believe that the state of Israel is illegitimate and the land of Israel belongs to them, a lie that has been perpetrated by the nations of the world, starting with the British and its corrupt application of the Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate since the founding of the state of Israel 63 years ago.

This dry run Sunday was small potatoes compared to what will be coming in the near future in September just before the Arabs declare a “Palestinian State” with help from Obama and the United Nations inside the heartland of Israel.

On Sunday, it was 1,000 Syrians who breached the border and invaded Israel. Next week, perhaps it will be 10,000 Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip who will march toward and invade the Negev, or Palestinian “refugees” from Jordan who will march toward the Jordan Valley. But be assured, they will march as promised. They will come from all directions. They are organizing. They are ready to die for Jerusalem. 

We need to remember to  pray for the people and leaders of Israel like never before in these very perilous times.

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  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    In the 1930's, MSM like the SF Chronicle for example, were happy to show support for Mussolini and Hitler both. SF Chronicle's owner back then, William Randolph Hearst, received personal letters from Hitler explaining the high virtues and ideals of the Nazi philosophy - and Hearts published these letters unabridged in the SF Chronicle, thus giving propaganda support to fascism. This is nothing new in US newspapers to completely ignore anti-Jewish hatred and then to complacently support it. The irony, and deception, of it is that it goes under the label of "progressive" "liberalism" still to this day - when it is clearly nothing progressive or liberal in the classical sense of the word to support the demonization of God's chosen people and trump the spirit of anti-Christ over that of God. It's the despicable truth that MSM is obviously running a screen of deception for the rise of anti-Christ and I would expect it to only get worse and become more deceptive as time goes on. Anti-Zionist, to me, is just another clever buzzword used by those who wish to believe the deception and justify what is essentially the same anti-Jewish hate campaign going back millenia, but especially obvious in modern times during the period leading up to the last world war. If there is a third world war as a result, then God will be required to intercede because things are quickly drawing to the ultimate head, as this time they wish to destroy Israel itself, once and for all.