Friday, May 20, 2011

Netanyahu To Obama: “It’s Not Gunna Happen”!! Video

Photo: Reuters- This close up photo of PM Netanyahu and Obama at the White House shows the scornful look on Obama's face at hearing  the news from the Prime Minister "It's Not Gunna Happen."

Light rebuking spiritual  darkness, as the Spirit of God works through the Prime Minister of Israel telling Obama "It's not gunna happen." You can see the gentle Spirit of God working through the Prime Minister in his words, correcting and exposing Obama’s true radical islamic and  anti-Israel nature. Ephesians 5:6-13

The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu meets with Obama at the White House, tutors Obama in less than 8 minutes in this video, bringing Obama up-to-date on the 63 year old Middle East conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs and tells Obama “It’s Not Gunna Happen” referring to the arab refugee problem, ripping apart Obama’s anti-christ “land for peace” ploy, back to Israel’s pre 1967 borders . 

Absolutely, it's not gunna happen!! Zechariah 12:3

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  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    I am glad he said it straight to Obama's face.

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Gods spirit was definately speaking through the prime minister of Israel.America is fast becoming a nation with out God in it! Watch what happens a little at a time if we dont get Obama out of our white house in 2012 we may very well lose our wonderful country, America!God is not going to continue to bless a nation thats turns on his chosen people!Israel! He said I will bless those that bless her:Israel: and I will curse those that curse her: Israel:

  3. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I am so pleased to see Mr Benjamin Netanyahu speak boldly in defense of Israel. God bless him with wisdom to rule Israel and protect Israel from its enemies. God bless Israel.