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Israel 'Occupies' No Arab Territories

I like this ancient map of the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah because it reveals what a fraud the arab and United Nations' enemies of Isreal are when it comes to how much land actually belongs to the Jewish people, compared to the little strip of land the Israelis actually have now. And to be honest, the boundaries of the Kingdom of Israel, or Canaan land, extend even farther than what is shown on this map. Stay tuned because I will be addressing Israel's actual boundries in another entry soon.

Inspite of all the mis- information printed concerning the Israelis, and the land of Israel, Israel occupies no arab territories and there are still many people who do not have a true understanding of how the Jewish people have come to be in the hostile neighborhood they are now living in with their arab enemies.

Probably the number one reason for this and the Israeli-'palestinian' conflict is government sanctioned world wide antisemitism and media bias to add fuel to an already burning fire, caused by evil spiritual forces working through evil people all over the world.

For starters, Israel does not "occupy" any arab territories or push anybody out of Israel!  In the early 1800's, in A History Of The Jews, Paul Johnson, a renowned British writer  wrote that it was largely through the efforts of the British that the population of Jerusalem rose from 500 to  5,500 and throughout  'Palestine' the total population of Jewish people was at least  10,000 or more Jews.  This was the real start of the Jewish restoration to the land of Israel to their  promised land promised by God prophesied in the Bible. Ezekiel 37:11-14, Ezekiel 36:35, Jeremiah 16:15, Amos 9:14-15, Isaiah 27:6, Isaiah 27:12-13, Isaiah 11:11-12

W. T. Young, the first appointed western Vice Consul in Jerusalem was instructed to give protection to the Jews in 'Palestine'.  By the time  the 1800's came around,  the land dubbed 'Palestine' had become desolate by 1100 years of Islam rule.  The war going on today is nothing new.  Islam has been at war with the Jews and the west for over 1300 years.  The Islamic Jihad going on today is likened to the First Jihad, which was "wounded" in the Battle of Tours and then healed later by western wealth.

Following is a brief but factual summarization that gives an account of the political dispute between the Jews and the Arabs, but has its biblical roots that go way back to the days of Esau and Jacob as recorded in Genesis 25 , which records the birth of two boys, twin brothers, to Isaac and Rebekka.

From the very beginning, God said that their descendants would become two nations. From the start, it seemed as they were struggling against one another in fierce competition.  Esau's descendants became the Tents of Edom, a modern day arab nation or Edomites, from which  a portion of today's so-called "palestinians" originate and  includes  modern day Jordan to the south of  the Kingdom of Judah on the map,  and Moab on the map, and right from the beginning, were ancient enemies of Israel, as they are today.

  Jacob's, who's name was later changed to Israel, became the nation of Israel, who inherited the promise as Esau sold his birthright or inheritance to Jacob for a bowl of stew, and this conflict that will eventually bring the entire world into its final war, will not be settled until the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth to do battle with satan, defeat the enemies of Israel and to set up the Kingdom of Israel where he will rule as King of King and Lord of Lords out of Jerusalem, Israel on David's throne. Hallelujah!

History of Israeli-Arab Wars

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