Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Prayer For Obama

Let us pray as the Lord commanded us in Scripture....

Dear Heavenly Father:

I come before you to lift up the President elect of these United States of America and pray for your will to be done in his life. Help him to understand that the problems of this country, and the world, are much too big for any human being to tackle without your wisdom and intervention and speak to his heart to seek your help in humility. I pray that he will seek your face and turn to your Son Jesus Christ and His Word for the salvation of his soul and leadership of this nation. I pray for the millions of unborn whose fate lies in his hands. I pray for mercy upon the people of America. For all these things, I pray in Jesus name.

To Everything There Is A Season, And A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven...... More Here

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  1. Thank you Toni...that was sooo beautiful! This morning, I went to my blog and removed all political posts...now is a time to heal...I will continue to call those things that be not as though they already were...It is time that we stand together one nation under God indivisible...

  2. And thank you, Nancy!